Licensed Professional Counselor – Mental Health 

Ritzman Counseling Services was established in 2008 by Kelly Ritzman. At Ritzman Counseling Services, there is always a sense of compassion to assist those to heal. Everyone has struggled at one time or another. Ritzman Counseling is here to help you talk through any experience that may be causing stress or discomfort. Specializing in sexual assault and domestic abuse victims/ survivors, adjustment disorders, attachment issues, depression and personality disorders is just the beginning of the many advantages at Ritzman Counseling Services. Kelly is here to help.

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A Sense of Compassion to Assist Those to Heal

Pain is something each person experiences in a different, yet similar way. We each go through the steps of grieving associated with pain and how we deal with that determines how we come out on the other side. Ritzman Counseling Services understands it is hard to talk about the experience, the trauma and the pain you are feeling, but Kelly Ritzman is here to listen, talk and help. If you need someone who is willing to jump in with you, not afraid to cry with you, struggle through with you and walk to the end with you – then look no further than Ritzman Counseling Services.

Specializing In:

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Sexual and Domestic Violence Victims/Survivors

Play Therapy

Adjustment Disorders


Attachment Issues

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Personality Disorders

Developmental Disorders

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder